Instructions & hints for using the "For Sale" forum.

Cleaning out your attic... have items for sale? Planning a garage or yard sale? Advertise your items or event here.
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Post any items, garage or yard sales for free. All posts will be automatically removed 30 days after you post them. If you want the item listed longer, just post you add again after it is automatically removed.
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Instructions & hints for using the "For Sale" forum.

Postby Gary » Sat Jun 12, 2010 8:45 pm

I created this forum as a free place to post any items that you want to sell. You can also advertise your garage or yard sale.

This forum is set up to automatically delete any post after 14 days. If you do not sell the item in that time, just post it again, there is no limit to the number of items or how many times you can re-post your add.

You will need to register to the site in order to be able to make a post.

Registration is free and painless, the only reason it is here is to keep spam, porn and junk posts from overseas ( Russian dating services) off of the board. They use automatic bots to post to boards that are not capable of going through the registration process.

A good way to register anonymously for anything on line that requires an email address is to get a "throwaway" email address at or Sign up for that email address with no true personal information. They are free. You can use that email address with no true personal information to register for any site like this one that requires a password to be sent to you to complete registration.

Registering makes it easier to navigate the bulletin board. When you log in as a registered user, you will have one color icon for each message that you have read and different color icons for each message that is new that you have not read yet. That makes it easy to keep up with the latest posts. You will have your own user control panel to choose preferences for how the board looks on your computer. You will be able to both create polls and vote in polls created by other registered users. You can also use the message boards private messaging system to send any board member a private message. If you want, you can disable that feature in your user control panel.[color=#004000]

Many of you read the board as guests, that is OK, but navigating the board will be easier for you once you log in and we can get better totals in the polls with a larger voting population!

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