A place for all Delphi Retirees to find and exchange information!   This site is designed and maintained by a Delphi, Warren, Ohio retiree for ALL Delphi retirees. The  goal is to have one location on the web that collects information from retiree groups, Delphi union  locals and the retirees themselves and make that information easy to access by all retirees. This  site is not controlled by any group or any union. It is a site created by a retiree for the benefit of all the  retirees.      Click the “About” link on the upper menu bar for more information. The Message Board The message board is THE place to find the latest information that pertains to you as a Delphi retiree! As you know, we as Delphi retirees have been through a lot with the bankruptcy of Delphi, the loss of healthcare and pensions. We all want as much information as we can find concerning our situation. That is where the message board is a life saver. The board is a place where you can read the latest information posted by other retirees (the best sourse of information) and official announcements posted by any IUE, UAW or CWA  union or retirement committee. You can also post your own messages to the board. If you have any questions about anything, ask that question on the board, anyone with an answer can, and usually will post an answer for you. There are hundreds of posts to the board. You can read all of them if you are new to this site and gain a LOT of information! You will find hundreds of posts on the board concerning Social Security, Health Insurance, Pension questions, VEBA , prescriptions, Medco, Discounts for retirees, Dental care and many more. Check out the board by                             .
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