HCTC Extention Information

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HCTC Extention Information

Postby RickP » Fri Nov 15, 2013 10:33 pm

Hello folks, The Senate Finance Committee is trying to push this bill for us. Please read this latest information and help get this bill passed.
My friend in Ohio sent me this information:

Please forward this to anybody who has the HCTC DSRA health care insurance or uses the HCTC for health care.

The push with the Senate Finance Committee for the extension of the HCTC continues in DC. Members of the DSRA were in Washington lobbying for the HCTC this past week. We can voice our support of extending the HCTC by a simple fax or phone call to the Finance Committee.

We should get some messages to the Senate Finance Committee about our own personal need for HCTC. Tell them the ACA is not an affordable choice for you nor does it offer the freedom of doctor/facility choices you need. Use your own words and your own personal reasons.

Contacting the Senate Finance Committee would stoke the fires of the importance of our interest in these meetings. Senate Finance is in turn sending these messages we give them, out to all influential offices who are looking into this. If you can't fax, then call, please.

Senate Finance Committee
Fax: 202-228-0554
Phone: 202-224-4515

US Senator Sherrod Brown is affiliated with this committee. Phoning his office would inform him that we are supporting his efforts on our behalf. A call to Ohio's other US Senator, Rob Portman's office could help.

Sherrod Brown:
Phone: 202-224-2315
Rob Portman:
Phone: 202-224-3353

Also, there is H.R. 2783 introduced by Congressmen Tim Ryan [D-OH] and Mike Turner [R-OH] on July 23, 2013 to continue the HCTC after December 31, 2013. Give them a call of support for their efforts. The H.R. is still in Committee with no movement as of 11-15-2013.

Tim Ryan
Phone: 202-225-5261
Mike Turner
Phone: 202-225-6465

If you are not a resident of Ohio then please call your US Senators and Representatives and tell them how important their support is to you. Ask them if they could let the Senate Finance Committee know. It is simple and painless. Use those free minutes!

Additional numbers can be found at this site. Use the link that serves you best.
Click here: Contact Elected Officials | USA.gov

Will keep you posted as news becomes available.

Paul and Pat

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