A trip down memory lane

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A trip down memory lane

Postby Gary » Tue Dec 11, 2012 2:25 pm

Here is a great site that put up a presentation with 39 photos of old automobiles and movie stars of the past that owned them.
There is one of Errol Flynn in his Packard!

Check it out, they did a great job of collecting rare photos and adding music to the presentation.

1st, you have to go to the site. (I did a screen copy of the page you will see below)

Then click the full screen icon (the red arrow points to it in the picture below)

After the page loads (when the busy icon stops spinning and the music starts playing), press your space bar to view each picture.
You can also use your keyboard's arrow keys to move forward or backward between photos.

CLICK HERE for the site.


Here is a partial list of the celebrities in the photos:

Paulette Goddard
Fatty Arbuckle
Joan Crawford
Babe Ruth
Johnny Weissmuller
Clark Gable
Laurel & Hardy
Jean Harlow
William Powell
Gary Cooper
Buck Jones
Errol Flynn
Tyrone Power
James Stewart
Ginger Rogers
Rita Hayworth
Bing Crosby
Cary Grant

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